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Local Food Love Affair

Local Food Love Affair

Valentine's Day has come and (mercifully) gone. What remains is our undying love for delicious, local food and our joy to share it with you. 

Love and respect are at the foundation of the local food system and we hope you find this week's share to be chock full of it. From the beautiful swordfish from Red's Best to the baby lettuces that Andrew at Clark Farm has grown and harvested just for us.  And of course, chocolate. The bars from Taza chocolate make a nice surprise gift or a perfect item to fiendishly squirrel away  in your desk drawer when lunch seems like a distant dream at work.

We are so enamored that we wrote you a poem, a haiku in fact, we hope you like it.

Local Food, So good
Tasty, Fresh and Delicious
More Donut Holes*, please.

Besides our (very obvious) poetic gifts, we hope you know how much we love and appreciate all of our Family Dinner members. If this were the final scene of Say Anything, we would be John Cusack outside your house- holding aloft a Family Dinner insulated bag full of treats instead of a stereo.

Thank you for making this all possible!
* Donut Holes will be back in the rotation soon.

Mon Poulet Amour

Mon Poulet Amour

  In honor of Valentine's Day and some really amazing chicken from Tad at Feather Brook Farms (pictured, as always, in overalls) we have titled t...

Female G.O.A.Ts

Female G.O.A.Ts

We will let others take the baton in the debate over whether or not Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time- which he is, obviously.)

While the entire country will be zoned in on the Pats vs the Rams in Superbowl LIII, we want to talk about another Boston football team who is no stranger to championships and has the rings to prove it.

The Boston Renegades are a full contact, semi-professional women’s football team with four national championships under their belts.  These women are extraordinary. The game is the same as the men's, the dedication and the drive runs in parallel but I would argue that the passion and grit goes beyond.

Each of these athletes (and the all-volunteer staff and organization) has full-time job. Many have family or grad school obligations. Some are active military. They are not paid for the hours they spend training, or compensated for the long travel to away games. They sacrifice for the love of the game.  They have a simple mission: to expand the visibility and influence of women’s football, and to bring another championship home to Boston. 

For anyone who is questioning if women can play football, I'll stop my eyes from rolling back in my head long enough to invite you down to watch a game- the skill is extraordinary and the hits are hard

And Family Dinner has a special place in our hearts for this team. Many of them are members and Erin is a proud alum of the team. You can find Tim and Erin at home games, in matching Family Dinner hoodies, cheering our hearts out.

Oh, and they happened to win the National Title this year.  Beating LA on July 28th, 2018 with a score of 42-18. Your turn, Patriots. We already did our job.

Also! We got you guys some amazing chips for the game. Fresh from the Mi Nina kitchen. They are light, salty and awesome. And don't feel like you have to share. We consider this a single serving bag.

Getting Salty.

Getting Salty.


The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.
— Isak Dinesen

Isak Dinesen the pen name of early 20th century Danish writer Baroness Karen Christenze von Blixen-Finecke (Which is the greatest name EVER, after Cher- of course). And the Baroness really nails it here. Salt water is good for the soul. And we will even one-up her and say that we believe that salt itself is good for the soul. 

And the salts from Hippie Pilgrim are no exception to the rule.
Owned by Susannah Locketti, Family Dinner Member, expert Brand Ambassador and Food Network Alum, this South Shore company has been cranking out delicious salts for the past five years.  On the origin of the company she writes:

"In 2006 a coworker gave me garlic salt as a holiday gift. When the jar ran out I made my own and gave it away out of a 50 gallon bucket in my apartment for years. Neighbors would come over with baggies and jars to refill constantly. In 2013 I officially founded Hippy Pilgrim and three weeks later we landed a cooking segment on the Queen Latifah show (video is on our website) which gave us the initial boost we needed.

We recently celebrated our five year anniversary and now make 10 great flavors of garlic salt plus a delicious coffee rub and dipping oil seasonings. I love quality food but don’t want to work too hard in the kitchen for it. Our garlic salts adds a sophisticated flavor to whole foods with zero effort which is what people love about us! Hippy Pilgrims are happy pilgrims and we hope to replace every saltand pepper shaker in the country with a pinch pot of our salt which is made with fresh RAW ingredients sourced locally as much as humanly possible."

We love that.
Susannah says that the salt would be a great addition to so many of this week's ingredients: pork chop, grilled romaine salad, scrambled eggs or Bloody Marys.

Did someone say "Bloody Mary"? Yes, Please!

In Season Suppah Time!

In Season Suppah Time!

Forge Baking Company is hosting another In Season event at Forge on Thursday, February 28th.  We are thrilled to be helping with the products while Jen Park from Forge makes it into an amazing menu.

This dinner will have a heavy emphasis on local, seasonal produce, fish, dairy, and grains from Family Dinner. The ticket is all you can eat along with 2 beers from Idle Hands. We want to really get into the winter mood. 

Doors open at 6:30 pm on Thursday 2/28.  Each ticket is $60.  

Here is the link to the Eventbrite page to purchase a ticket.

Please join us for the fun we would love to see you there!

Ted Time!

Ted Time!

We have two things to gab about this week:
In this corner delightful local food (Hot Italian Sausage! Haddock! Fresh Pasta!) and in this corner Shameless Self Promotion!!!!

TedX Natick
Hey folks!  We have been invited to present at TedX Natick on January 26th. We will be nerding out about farms, data and a humble mission to change the food system.  In the end we will be telling a story about this little company and the wonderful people (like all of you!) who helped us build it.  Oh, and we will be sharing the stage with a Nobel Prize winning Physicist. How cool is that?!?!

We have been working on our presentation in a very analog way, on a big black board in our kitchen - while something simmers on the stove and the wine chills in the fridge. Time to get cracking, its just two weeks away!

If you want to learn more check it out! 

Delightful Dishes
Also, its time to Cozy up to Casserole this week! Christine has a few great ideas for cozy weeknight meals, below.

Bell & Goose Cheese

Bell & Goose Cheese

The subject of this week's email may sound like the title of a delightful fairy tale, and in many ways it is.

Bell & Goose Cheese Co. is a woman-owned business in the great state of New Hampshire. This week got to visit them, see the farm and eat cheese to our hearts content. Which is heaven on Earth, as far as we are concerned. Anna and her family are doing it right. We are in love with the product and the mission:

"We have a passion for supporting dairy farmers and the large swaths of land they care for. Eating hand made, small batch cheese is pretty delightful but when it's local you can savor the good it's doing as well. When we buy local dairy we preserve our agricultural landscape as well as the knowledge and way of life these multi generational farms have to offer us."

The cheese we have is their Hunca Munca, a pasteurized baby Swiss. It melts beautifully, goes great on salads with apples and is great for snacking while you roast up Tad's chicken.

Bon Appetit! Vive le Fromage!!

Have you seen this Bag?

Have you seen this Bag?

(and Ice Packs!)

You may have noticed we are back to the paper variety this week. We are trying to round up our team of black insulated bags so we can send them to the spa, clean them up and get them back into the rotation.

If you have one, two or more than a few of these kicking around we would love to reuse them! Please send them back with your smiley delivery person and we will get them back to bringing you the best local food we can find!


Another Holiday season has come and gone and we are once again staring down a formidable mountain of leftovers. Ham, breads, gratins of all kinds. Of course you can load it into your Tupperwares as is and schlep it to work for the next 47 days. Or you can give them all a make-over and mask them in new creations. As we strive toward zero food waste we have a simple mantra in our house: ANYTHING CAN BE A PIZZA. I'm sure that this statement is considered heresy by culinary purists and somewhere Giada de Laurentiis is shuddering in horror - but it's true. (And who cares if she's horrified - it's not like she eats pizza anyway.)

So many of our meat and veggie leftovers can be rolled into the forgiving arms of a frittata, fried rice, or pizza. This past Thanksgiving we riffed on an Alfredo Pizza using leftover broccoli casserole. What was initially a questionable choice was delightful in the end.  

This week we have pizza dough from Forge - we can't wait to see what you come up with! Share it with us! @sharefamilydinner

Christmas Fishes are Delicious!

Christmas Fishes are Delicious!

Christmas Fishes are Delicious, try saying that three times fast...

Christmas Fishes are Delicious, Christmas Fishes are Delicious,Christmas Fishes are Delicious.... ok it works but it is a bit wonky.
We have Swordfish back this week! It doesn't often pop up on the list from Red's but when it does we jump at the chance to bring it to you. The pescatarians had this just a few weeks back but it was too not to share with everyone!

Also in this week, fresh micro greens from Andrew at Clark Farm (pictured). He plants and harvests them just for us - makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They're just adorable but also a lovely bright addition to your plate as we once again prepare to drown in gravies, hams and cookies at Christmas.

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday. Full of good wine, great food and bad jokes- the Family Dinner way.

Gift Cards, Bellies and Pies (oh, my!)

Gift Cards, Bellies and Pies (oh, my!)

A few notes before we turn it over to Christine to talk Pork Belly and wintery goodness.

Delicious Holiday Presents: Did you know? We have gift cards! Holiday gifting season is never easy, but we’re making it extremely convenient for you to treat friends and family with Family Dinner, with options from $39. Also, if you’ve been good this year, cull your wishlist and drop a hint to your loved ones if you’d like locally farmed goodies to tide you over into the new year and beyond.

Get your Pot Pie here: This week for the Whole/Double Omnivore shares we are bringing you Chicken Pot Pie from the incredible Mass Provisions in Somerville. The meat and veggies are all organic and are slow smoked. We very rarely include prepared foods but this was too good not to share. Dan  wolfed one down just last week. 

Celebrate the Small! from Christine: 

Have you noticed? It’s officially big-sweater-and-wool-socks season. Although it seems like just yesterday we were hip deep in juicy tomatoes, enormous eggplant, and tart gem-like berries, we’re full-on embracing the four seasons of bounty that New England farms serve up. Ever dependable root vegetables, yes, but also cruciferous sweetness, gorgeous apples, and humanely raised protein like the pork belly we have this week. Winter fare may not scream glamorous, but instead whispers it: The realtime harvest speaks of sustainable measures, of geographical identity, and of homegrown ingenuity.

And how better to celebrate than a good meal? Share your cooking with us @sharefamilydinner

Tagine Machine.

Tagine Machine.

We told our friend Christine Liu (food guru, Family Dinner member, collaborator, and all around swell person) that we were thinking of firing up the Tagine (pictured) to greet Tad's Chicken this week.  A tagine is an earthenware casserole type dish used in North African cuisine (a Dutch oven will stand in perfectly). We asked Christine to give us some ideas for this week's prized birds from Tad. She shares that and some fun facts on the History of Carrots, below:

Howdy. They call me Stew.

Soup is a healing force—a cozy sweater, exuding comforting warmth. Stew, on the other hand, is like taking a steep hike where the sunrise view is waiting at the summit. Stew invigorates while it soothes, and things can get a little rugged out there. But that’s where the adventure begins.

As New England dips into the colder temperatures, the hearty proteins and root vegetables we’re receiving are ideal foundations for a rib-sticking roast, soup, or (yup) stew. Get in on a smoky gumbo. Toot your horn at a tagine. Corral your strength with chankonabe. Your one-pot wonder is out there. Share it with us @sharefamilydinner!

Did you know? The “traditional” carrot color is 🥕(orange), but did you know at one point carrots were commonly yellow, white, or purple instead? This food peculiarity (like almost always) has to do with politics and power—particularly with the Dutch House of Orange.

We Missed You!

We Missed You!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed a bit of time off and some delicious food. From our side, we spent time with Family eati...